Barley Mac’s Locally Sourced Beef

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Barley Mac has searched out one of Virginias finest cattle, and brought it to Arlington. The Potter Family has been raising Buffalo Creek cattle through more than seven generations and continues to supply some of the finest quality beef on the east coast. The Potter Family Farm has raised beef cattle for over one hundred years, feeding an all-natural and hormone free diet to the stock. Raised and grazed on grass allows for a free natural life, and finished with grain, gives the marbling of fat and deep beef flavor to the meat.  We at Barley Mac are proud to have a relationship with the Potter family and serve their beef in every burger we serve, and we use the short rib as well, braised for 7 hours in fresh herbs and vegetables and brought to your table. This is the true meaning of farm to table.

Visit their website at for more information and a more in depth look into what they are all about.

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